Overload Poetry Inc. was formed in 2002 by Steven Smart and Sandon McLeod (1954-2004). Their mission was to bring Melbourne’s vibrant poetry scene into public view through an annual festival based around the regular readings. Incredibly Victoria did not have, at the time, a major annual poetry festival.

Six years later the authors of Melbourne’s bid to become a UNESCO City of Literature wrote:

The festival, founded in 2002 has grown into a 16-day festival that showcases the best poets from Australia and overseas. Since 2004 Overload has hosted poets from Canada, Holland, Ireland and New Zealand, and the 2007 festival involved 96 poets and performers in 49 events and 26 venues across the city.

Published by Arts Victoria, 2008

We are a grass roots, volunteer run organisation that represents the diversity of Melbourne’s poetic voices: page, stage, experimental, slam, screen and all its possible permutations!

Over the past 10 years Overload has backed some of the most amazing and innovative works of poetry and collaboration with other artforms. Poets we have featured have teamed up with actors, film makers, musicians, puppeteers, and even pole dancers.

Stay tuned for all the magic coming your way from 9 to 17 September.